An ALVİNA organization.


Legal Basis of Camera Surveillance
The camera surveillance activity carried out by our company is carried out in accordance with the Law on Private Security Services and the relevant legislation.

Surveillance with a Security Camera within the Framework of the Law on Protection of Personal Data
Our company acts in accordance with the regulations in the KVK Law in conducting video surveillance activities for security purposes.

Our company conducts security camera surveillance activities in accordance with the purposes stipulated in the laws and the personal data processing conditions enumerated in the KVK Law in order to ensure security in its buildings and facilities.

Announcement of Camera Monitoring Activity
Personal data owner is enlightened by our company in accordance with Article 10 of the KVK Law.

In this way, it is aimed to prevent damage to the fundamental rights and freedoms of the personal data owner and to ensure transparency and enlightenment of the personal data owner.

Regarding the camera surveillance activity by our company; The Policy on Protection, Processing and Transfer of Personal Data as well as the Disclosure Text is published on the website of our company and a notification letter stating that monitoring will be carried out is posted at the entrances of the areas where the monitoring is made.

The Purpose and Limitation of the Camera Surveillance Activity
In accordance with Article 4 of the KVK Law, our company processes personal data in a limited and measured manner in connection with the purpose for which they are processed.
The purpose of our company in continuing the camera surveillance activity is limited to the purposes listed in this text and the Clarification Text. In this direction, the monitoring areas of security cameras, their number and when to be monitored are put into practice as sufficient and limited for this purpose. It is not subject to monitoring the privacy of the person in areas (for example, toilets) that may result in intervention that exceeds security objectives.

Ensuring the Security of the Data Obtained
In accordance with the 12th article of the KVK Law, the technical and administrative measures listed in our Policy are taken by our company in order to ensure the security of the personal data obtained as a result of the camera surveillance activity.